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Reclaim Up to 20 Hours a Week

Discover the Free to Focus™ online course, the total productivity system designed to help you slay distractions, free your time from interruptions, and finally focus on the projects and people that matter most.

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The Secret to Achieving More While Doing Less

If you’re exhausted at the end of each day, feeling unsure of what you actually achieved in your day, it’s not your fault. The old model of productivity has failed you. Productivity is not about getting more done at a faster speed. It’s about getting results.

As high achievers, we measure our work by outcomes, not activity. Checking off more tasks won’t matter unless they’re the right tasks.

To address this, I’ve created an entirely new system for productivity that will drive results instead of endless box-checking. After all, true productivity is a means to a greater end—the achievement of what matters most at work and at home.

What I’m about to show you will clear a path for you to achieve more by actually doing less.

The results look like this:

  • Income
    Exponential growth in your income, revenue, profit and sales
  • Relationships
    Quality time with your spouse and family, fostering the relationships that matter most
  • Health
    Achieving the highest level of health and fitness ever in your life
  • Confidence
    Confidence you’re making your greatest contributions and delivering massive value every day
  • Satisfaction
    Satisfaction in doing the work you’re uniquely gifted to do
  • Freedom
    Freedom to get off the hamster wheel, work the way you want, and experience less stress and frustration

This is exactly what makes my course different from anything else you may have tried.

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Discover the System Top Performers Use to Achieve Their Greatest Priorities

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What If You Could Eliminate Distractions and Realize Your Full Potential at Work and at Home?

Even if you do want true productivity, it can seem like the world is working against you.

Throughout it all, you desire an energized, satisfying, effective life. You want to be proactive, not reactive. You want the power to finish, delegate, and delete so that you can live and work in peace. In your mind’s eye, you can see yourself at peak productivity, but that reality is just out of reach.

My friend, Free to Focus™ was designed for YOU.

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If anyone knows how it feels to face non-stop emails, constant interruptions, and an endless set of tasks—with the pressure to constantly drive results—I sure do.

If you’ve faced personal and professional chaos because of your to-do list, I hear you.

As a father of five daughters, I have been the CEO of a major corporation and am now a successful entrepreneur leading a fast-growing company. If you want to talk about raising a family, running a business, managing employees, satisfying shareholders, following your dreams, AND having time for rest and relationships, you have come to the right place.

First, I need to share an important truth with you: There will always be more tasks than time.

As I spent years pursuing the answer to making my own life productive and fulfilling, I realized that the solution isn’t magically getting it all done or finding more hours in the day.

You and I only have 24 hours a day, and that’s it.

But how you make use of those 24 hours is the difference between feeling swallowed alive and feeling like the task-eating shark on top of the food chain.

You must learn to make the maximum use of your hours with the kind of focus that only few know how to harness.

And I’m going to show you how.

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Inside the Free to Focus online course

Free to Focus™ is my complete productivity system designed to help high-achievers to win at both work and home. This newly updated 9-lesson course will help you rebuild your productivity from the ground up in as little as 10 days.

Three Simple Steps to Freedom

Free to Focus is simple to learn and fast to implement. There are three steps to become free to focus and achieve more by doing less—STOP, CUT, and ACT.

Module 1: Stop in Your Tracks

The first thing we need to do is STOP. This is a radical departure from everything you’ve ever been told about productivity. Conventional wisdom says you need to move faster and push harder to achieve more, but that is 180-degrees backwards. We have to get clear on what we’re after, what is and isn’t working, and get a vision for what’s possible before we turn our attention to greater efficiency. Otherwise, we’ll just propel ourselves faster in the wrong direction.

Module 2: Cut Almost Everything

The next step will help you cut through the jungle of too many to-dos so you can clearly see your path to what matters most. Tasks take energy, and when we attempt too much, it depletes us, leaving us exhausted, less effective, and burdened by unfinished work and unmet expectations.

In Module 2, I’ll show you how to eliminate 80% of what’s on your to-do list that should never have made it on there to begin with. Then I’m going to supply you with three tools for chipping, chiseling, and sanding your schedule into a masterpiece. When we’re done, you’ll be free to finish your most important tasks and projects and leave everything else behind. This will give you the dramatic freedom to spend more time with your family and get to the goals you’ve been putting off.

Module 3: Act in Your Desire Zone

This is where everything comes together. Once you have gotten clarity on your priorities, addressed any necessary changes to your routine, and eliminated, automated, or delegated all that you can, Module 3 will teach you how to activate your new lifestyle. You’ll arrange your time blocks, manage your energy, and consolidate the tasks that remain. As you begin to execute on the plan you’ve established, you’ll also build momentum that will sustain you for the long-term and scale to however your career or business grows.

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Right now, if you’re like most entrepreneurs and leaders, you’re probably spending 20% of your time on high-leverage, revenue-producing projects. The other 80% is spent on inefficient meetings, solving other people’s problems, a sea of email, draining operational issues, and the countless fires you have to put out.

But what if you could flip that—and spend 80% of your time on the projects that drive your business forward instead of just keeping it going?

That would mean a 300% increase in your ability to focus on the projects and priorities that generate cash now and in the future. You could…

  • Nurture key business relationships
  • Develop new
  • Expand into new markets
  • Dial in your marketing efforts
  • Close lucrative
  • Develop a category-killing innovation

If your business received 300% more of your best thinking and creativity, that would double or even triple your revenue. Your personal income could grow by 50%—or much more.

Right now your business is running on 20% of your best efforts… but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine what it would feel like to finally have the FREEDOM to focus on the most important priorities in your business every day instead of every once in a while. Free to Focus is the accelerator that drives your business and revenue forward exponentially.

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The Path to Freedom

Free to Focus
Free to Focus Basic
One payment of: $497
Online Course
Lifetime access to course
3 main teaching modules
9 lesson videos
Audio downloads of each lesson video
Exclusive proprietary tools and exercises customized for each lesson
9 downloadable workbooks

What if Reclaiming 20 Hours Isn’t All I Hoped it Would Be?

I’m 100% certain that Free to Focus has the power to transform your life. It will set you free to do you best work, make your greatest contribution, and focus on the projects and relationships that matter most.

But if other, traditional productivity systems have left you skeptical that this kind of transformation is possible, or after reviewing the course you don’t think Free to Focus is worth every penny you’ve paid, just let me know within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll give you a full refund.

That’s how much I believe in what I’m offering you. I don’t want anything standing between you and your freedom, so I’ve made this totally risk-free for you.

Michael S. Hyatt

Here’s Proof that
Free to Focus Works

  • “This program has made it simple and easy for me to say ‘no’ to the things that once distracted me from my true priorities. Free to Focus is directly responsible for helping reduce my workload by 10 hours per week. In the month after I completed the course, my company revenue increased 40% over the previous month. This is the best productivity course I have ever taken, and there’s nobody better at this than Michael Hyatt.”
    Ray Edwards
  • “If it wasn’t for this course, I would have shelved writing and my ministry work for at least a decade until my last child left home. That’s how much I struggled with an overwhelmed life! Instead, I returned 255 hours a month doing good things in my Desire Zone to do great things.”
    Wendy H
  • “I came into this with a lot of productivity education, systems, and tools already in place. I wasn’t looking for how to do more, but for mindsets I could use to gain clarity about what I can STOP doing, and what’s really important. That was my goal, and that’s what I got. Working this into my life will be a game changer.”
    Stephanie Benedetto Padovani
  • “In all of the productivity-related books, tools, and resources that I’ve encountered, NONE of them have successfully impacted my daily life in the way that Free to Focus has. … This course is a COMPLETE game-changer and is going to have a ripple-effect for the foreseeable future.”
    Darcy Sabatino
  • “Following taking this course, I began to focus on one thing more intentionally. As a result, I saw a big increase in the amount of sales I was bringing into my speaking career. I’m booked up until April. I have more than 10 speaking engagements and, as a result, a major writing assignment that focuses in upon what I do best and what I love to do. I needed to focus and then help to once again eliminate and turn back to what God has called me to do.”
    Rick B
  • “I’m sold on the benefits of what Free to Focus can do for today’s highly focused, goal-oriented individual. F2F brings together all of the most relevant, battle-tested tools in one box of ammunition that I can pick/choose to implement in my pursuit of a better quality of life balance for me and my family. I have shared this with my friends, family, and co-workers—letting them know the benefits it has given me and encouraging them to do the same.”
    Bob M
  • “Been having breakthroughs in getting everything cleared out of the way so I’m FREE TO FOCUS on the key, uncomfortable, new tasks required to launch my online businesses. I can actually see my vision moving forward and actually being possible again after being stopped. Thank you!”
    Alex Gwozda

Who Is Free to Focus For?

Free to Focus™ is for overwhelmed high achievers, but it’s especially designed for professionals seeking work-life balance. The strategies are high-level, but the lessons and tools are easy to understand and customize for personal use.

Rather than teaching you how to “get more done faster,” this course shows you how to identify the most important commitments and tasks and execute on them for powerful results. Using the top tier strategies in this course, young leaders and elite professionals alike can free up time and energy to focus on their greatest priorities.

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What Makes Free to Focus Different from All the Rest

  1. 01 | A Comprehensive Approach

    Drawing on the greater context of your passions and well-being, Free to Focus goes beyond tools and tips to help you establish the right mindset and methods for productivity.

  2. 02 | Priority Focus

    This course gives you a way to single out what matters most to you, both in the short-term and long-term. Other programs focus simply on task or time management.

  3. 03 | Conforms to You

    Other systems require time and effort for you to conform to their methodology. Free to Focus is the system that conforms to how YOU work, not the other way around.

  4. 04 | Excellent Customer Support

    Our customer experience team is dedicated to assisting you, answering your questions, and supporting your journey. They are here for you along the way.

  5. 05 | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    If you feel that this program is not worth every penny, we will refund 100% of your money. We have high standards and want you to experience a true fit with this course.

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If You’ve Read This Far, What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re like many of my students, you’ve tried a lot of other productivity systems before. You’ve bought books and read countless articles hoping to finally improve your workflow and reduce the amount of distractions you face. But somehow, despite what your best efforts, the strategies you’ve sought to adopt just haven’t lived up to the hype.

The truth is, we live in a world that doesn’t value the things we value. Nothing is sacred to a cell phone. When you’re expected to constantly be available, or you’re pressured to stay after 5 p.m. so you’ll be seen as “really committed,” your true priorities get the last of your attention. But here’s the good news: You don’t have to live this way.

It’s time to say good-bye to that self-defeating lifestyle—the one where your family, friends, and passion projects finish last. (Even your business suffers under this faulty model!) Free to Focus is the system that will bring clarity to the areas where interruptions and demands are clouding your view. Better yet, it will amplify your ability to make your greatest contributions, both in the office and at home. You will actually get the freedom to focus—on everything that’s important to you.

So don’t spend another moment stressed, stuck, or overwhelmed. Become Free to Focus today.

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